The AmplifEye technology can be embedded in many different kinds of products. Here are the ones we are currently considering:

  • AmplifEye app: An app for smartphones and tablets. This will allow such devices to be used as "windows on a more colorful world." However, they are necessarily monocular and will be unable to take advantage of binocular vision.
  • AmplifEye Keyhole: A dedicated tablet, configured and used as an AmplifEye device, particularly for use in schools, museums, etc.
  • AmplifEye Chameleon: Digital glasses, running the AmplifEye software, to allow people to "see" additional colors nearly all the time.
  • Embedded in Devices: Working with manufacturers, we hope to build the AmplifEye functionality into TV's, electronic telescopes and microscopes, computer desktops, operating systems, game systems, and any other device that shows colors on a digital screen.

Each of these applications may include just the software to help the color blind, or may also incorporate additional imaging sensors to show users ultraviolet, infrared, and more.