Does an AmplifEye User "See" Color?

Clearly an AmplifEye user sees something very different than what most people perceive as color. However, what they see allows them to identify and discriminate colors where they otherwise could not. It might be more prudent to say that AmplifEye allows them to "perceive" or "discriminate" colors rather than perceive them.

But it might be just as accurate to say that they "see" colors. It depends on whether you believe that "seeing" takes place in the eye or the brain. Human brains are highly adaptable, and after using vision altering devices for several weeks, people generally begin to perceive the alterations as quite natural. If a person can tell at a glance that something is red, and thinks of it as red, it may be reasonable to say that their brain sees red, even if their eyes do not.

It is not our intention to claim that AmplifEye allows the eyes to perceive any colors they otherwise could not. But it is very natural for users to refer to themselves as "seeing" the colors they could not previously see. Those inclined to be pedantic may wish to distinguish between seeing with the eyes, which AmplifEye does not alter, and seeing with the brain, where AmplifEye can make an enormous difference.