What Is AmplifEye?

AmplifEye is a set of algorithms designed to change the colors of the world in useful ways. The AmplifEye software sits between camera and screen, altering colors in real time.

The first application of this technology is to help color blind people see details they would otherwise miss. If you're not color blind, you won't find this initial implementation very useful or impressive to look at. Later we intend to help everyone see ultraviolet, infrared, and more; we can only show you a hint of what the future might hold.

Color blindness in individuals can often go unnoticed by the people around them, it is a significant handicap. Worldwide, over 300 million people experience some degree of color vision deficiency.

We want to eliminate the handicap by bringing color to the color blind. And we're well on the way. We have devised and prototyped new techniques, which are demonstrated in the accompanying videos. You'll be amazed by the reactions of color blind people using AmplifEye for the first time.

The technology will be delivered initially as an app for smartphones or tablets, and will later take advantage of advances in wearable technology to be embodied in eyeglasses and other hardware, software, and services.

We're not claiming to have a cure for color blindness, but the science of visualization can help us make it less important. With enough computing power, there is a virtually unlimited number of algorithms that can be used to represent invisible colors as visible ones.